The top level of this Stargate is the level of cosmic creation, which also has its full play in our dimensions of existence. Om is the sound of creation. Before the utterance of Om, came this sacred geometry symbol in the mind of God, which is the Flower of Life on the right. It was the holy architecture that God used to draw up all blueprints of form and matter. It was used to shape God’s first thought. Before God’s first formed thought, came God’s first idea of creation, which was formless.

The Om sound can be heard everywhere in outer space. This is even measured by NASA. This sound is still there all around us too, and that is why creation still goes on.

The Flower of Life symbol carving is present in most religious structures that are over 700 years old, be it a church, a temple, a mosque or a pyramid, which shows that our great ancestors knew that all comes into being through the same mechanism.

The lower level of this Stargate is the level of human creation. The lower left symbol is The Holy Merkaba, also called the Star of David. There are two pyramids in it. The pyramid pointing upwards, is the male energy (Father Sky / Shiva / Yang) and the one pointing downwards is the female energy (Mother Earth / Shakti / Yin). Every human being has these energies within them, though we are more polarized towards the physical sexuality of our being and the roles we are playing in this life, which are also influenced by our past lives.

If these energies are balanced in a human being, though carrying on the outward sensual and sexual roles, no man will wrong a woman and no woman will wrong a man, for they each see in the other, a part of themselves. This progression will end of ‘the war of the sexes’. This is the holy balance of Shiva’s Ardhnarishwar form. Shiva at this level, is not a male, but the being from whom both male and female energies spring out.

On the right bottom is The Essene Cross of Salvation. It has been represented as the Ankh and the Venus Gesha. It is a living expression of The Holy Spirit of God that holds the 144 qualities of Love. Jesus Christ was baptised by this coss and he taught its values all his life, but not many understood his teachings 2000 years ago. The Essene Cross of Salvation is what “The Children of the Sun” brought to earth. It is also the energetic and symbolic representative of the Christ Consciousness that has been anchored on our planet, for the salvation of all humanity.

Diagonally, The Flower of Life and The Holy Merkaba form a pair because The Flower of Life is the energetic construct of the Universe and The Holy Merkaba is the energetic construct of the Human Body.

Diagonally Om and The Essene Cross of Salvation form a pair, as Om was uttered out of Pure Unconditional Love and The Essene Cross of Salvation holds the level of Love, for not only Humanity’s present level of evolution, the 7 chakra system that holds the 7×7 = 49 Human Blueprint (to understand this please read the chapter ‘Metaphysics of the Human Body’ in my book on, but also Humanity’s next level of evolution, the 12 chakra system that holds the 12 x 12 = 144 matrix of The Divine Human Blueprint.

Stargates exist not only in the skies, but on the earth as well, and you will need to go through this stargate if you want to make it into ‘The Age of Aquarius’. This stargate is to be embodied in your self. It holds the energy of ascension into the Age of Aquarius. If you’re having trouble accessing it, come see me sometime.

The day 08-08-08 is the Lion’s Stargate through which ‘The Lion of Judah’ returns to guide Humanity into ‘The Age of Aquarius’.

Still the Waters of your Mind
Still the Waters of your Mind
Stilled Waters of your Mind
Clear Light
Clear Light
Clear Light


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  1. ayeshaariff. says:

    Loads f Thanks Darryl for Sharing Such Imp. Informations, I’m Encouraged & of course l Find Changes in Me… Now possibilities of Life is QUITE Different in My Thoughts, yet l Want to lmprove My Inner Visions More & More… God Bless all of US.

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