08-08-2015 marked the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal 08-08-08 of 888. It is the Stargate through which the Sirian ‘Lion Of Judah’ returns with the energy of Sirius, to guide Humanity through its Ascension into the ‘Age of Aquarius’. It is the 2nd coming of Christ, not as the man Jesus, but as ‘Christed Consciousness’ in people.

There are some who carry this high level of consciousness after streaming it down the dimensions and birthing it into our 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions of existence, because they received the key to this gateway (which is the symbol you see in the picture above). You will know these people by their thoughts, words & deeds in service to All, if your inner eye is open.

With every passing day, as more cosmic light comes to Earth, it upgrades the lightbodies & DNA of all who are on the path of spiritual and life mastery. So you too have been downloading and assimilating the Christed energies, and the proof lies in your changing energy, your new ideas, your new feelings, your new talk and your new choices and work, that are distant from what you used to be and do, not so long ago.

If you have been able to let go of many things that are not you, and you are free from the past, as well as your many worldly attachments and you find yourself perpetually in the here and now, busy with service to all, where you incidentally find some of your truly close friends too, then you are in the vibration of ‘Christed Consciousness’ and through the Lion’s Gate.

If you have not yet managed the above and are still on the way, take heart, for there may be people within your reach who have already made it through and you can ask them for help. Your ‘Sacred Heart’ knows who they are and how to approach them. Trust it. Your mind may try to stop you though. Give it a rest. You can also help yourself by getting a bit of practice in all of this by helping them in the work they are doing. It will give you the training to do yours on your own, soon. You can also collaborate with them. They are open-minded and welcome everything.

All who are through the Lion’s Gate, have transcended fear, for there is no such thing as fear in a Lion’s Heart. They have their purpose crystal clear and know where they fit in the Grand Plan. They know it is all a Co-Creation. They know what part others are playing. They know where it is all going. They know that space in Earth’s future where all are one in love and brotherhood. They know that it will come to pass no matter what! They know how they are making New Earth. They know who is in opposition and how they are to be lovingly dealt with. It is because they know all this, that they are fearless!

May I remind all Lion Hearts that it is now time to take out the sword of light from your sacred heart, where you had hidden it, and put it where it belongs now, in its scabbard on your back, so that all can feel the Love of God radiating from your Sacred Heart, and the Light & Will of God backing you.

You are beginning to remember how and when to use them even more, as you read and contemplate on these words. There is little time left now for fooling around, as the Great Cleanse approaches. Mother Earth cries out to you. Humanity is losing time and missing opportunities of great learning. Remember your cosmic breath at your center and its connect with the Mind, Body & Spirit of God. Remember your I AM Presence. Feel it in your breath everyday.

The Lion’s Gate closes on 12-08-2015. So all of you who are ready, need to step forward by 12th Aug and declare your work, plans, projects, undertakings, and collaboration, to your Higher Self / your guides / friends / community / collaborators. You are keenly being watched and counted as masters of the 1st wave of Ascension that peaks on 28th Sept. From 12th Aug to 28th Sep, new energies will give you more power to manifest what you have declared.

Do not worry about people disappearing… nobody is ascending anywhere up… we are all going to be here only, just higher in dimensional vibration. If you are not confident enough of doing this now, relax, there are ascension wave coming and and time for preparation each time. Now is also a good time to look and learn.

See you on 5D Earth 🙂


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