Sing Your Song

What is the purpose of life?
Why am I not happy even though I have all basic necessities?
What is my calling in life? And where do I find it?

If these are your questions, then here is the good news – you are awake!

The bad news is that your consciousness could get hijacked, by anyone who has the convincing power to get you into the business of doing what benefits them. There are many such people and organizations who only claim to do a lot of good for society.

If you can’t see the good manifestations of their work or if you do not feel passionately about what they are doing, then don’t go by their promises of what can happen and will happen or should happen for you, at God knows what time in your future.

If instead, you see the immediate results of the good work of some others, and you feel passionate about being part of their causes and movements, then by all means, go ahead and give them your time and your energy.


Moksha, Bliss, Peace, Purpose, Passion and Joy in Life, are now your potential realities, if you make the effort yourself. This is because our planet has now moved upto an energetic level of activation that enables all of this at a personal level. But, if you believe that all of this is available only through some special gurus, spiritual organizations, cults, or the practice of restrictive disciplines, you risk losing your individuality and true life-purpose.

There is much in the news now. Many works that benefit society are being done by individuals, service organizations, NGO’s and private institutions too. If you choose to be aware of what is going on in society, you will see this. If you are asleep and living in the past, or brooding over what was, you will not see the new and good that is emerging.

What is dysfunctional in our ecosystems is evident for anyone who chooses to look at our current issues. Most have enough intelligence to know when a real, long term and equitable solution is being offered, and they often look forward to being part of the solution. The rest simply don’t care, often because they are tied up with their own personal issues.

There is much bad news as well on the TV and the air waves, and it makes most people think that the world is getting worse by the day. It puts off many hopeful and helpful people. But it is only a perception that is projected by vested interests.

When ineffective or dysfunctional policies, public servants, or methods of doing things get questioned by people, a lot of rattle and noise is created in the system. For example the insecurity of children in schools in India and the rise of rape cases are incidents that are being flushed out by people into the news for want of change in policies and security norms. These incidents have not really increased in number. They were happening before as well, but there weren’t good mechanisms of reporting them earlier.

Bad news is good news that something in the system is being brought up for scrutiny, evaluation and rectification through new systems of working, new policies, or new laws. Now is a very important time on our planet where old dysfunctional systems that cause harm to individuals, society as well as the earth’s ecosystems are being replaced by cleaner, greener and more ethical systems. There is a better future being carved out by many passionate and motivated people on this planet.

Are you anywhere in this movement? Do you see that all of this is not just external? That it involves you and it will affect your children too? Are you awake to this?

Every human being on the planet now has a part to play in our future, just like every human being has played a part in our common current reality. Are you enjoying our current reality? Does it feel right?

What are you here for?
Do you have something to express?
What lights up your spark? What fires you up?
What is the passionate song you’ve come here to sing?
Are you come here to just dance to the tunes of others?

Listen to your SoulIf you are dancing to the tunes of others, consider yourself lost and disconnected from your own spirit and from God. It is time to go within and get re-connected. Look for processes that can help you do this on your own. Don’t get stuck to the people or the organizations that give you these processes, because you risk getting stuck in their individual purposes and dramas. Ask, receive, learn and thank them. Sort yourself out first, and then get on with what you’ve come to do.

On the way you will find many other self-kindred souls singing the same song as you. They are your support group, working for the same causes you chose. Along the way, you will also find the songs of other groups very pleasing. They are the broader network of the symphony that this planet wants to hear. We are all small and necessary parts in a big jigsaw puzzle – Our Future. Can you make a commitment to it?

community1Many of us have already been put in a place or situation where we are to serve our life’s purpose. The rest are being called to it now. The Great Spirit that connects us all (God) has been calling… have you been listening?

If you didn’t hear anything, try moving away the obstacles you have put in between.

Spirit is gently moving,
In ways we do not see,
For it is time to become,
All that we must be


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