World Religions – Enter The Metaphysics

This 3-Day Seminar starts at 9:30am on 25th Feb’15 at ICG, Donna Paula – Goa, India. A delegates pass costs Rs. 2000, tea & snacks, lunch included. If you are interested in attending, show up on time. Complete content of the seminar is given below.

Darryl D’Souza’s presentation at World Religions – Enter The Metaphysics Seminar.

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Will external doctrines or internal human metaphysics unite the world?

It is not difficult to analyze history and see that most often when an enlightened being we’ve called ‘Son of God’ or ‘Avtaar’ preached of love, equality and brotherhood, a grand following occurred, who were subsequently controlled by powerful political rulers of the time and place. Many favorable precepts were then formulated into religions under such circumstances, often by men who embodied energies of domination, manipulation and exploitation. It is therefore little surprise that these are the energies that have manifested over time in a wider context through most of the popular religions of the world. In our present age, do we have even a single religion that is truly and deeply unifying in nature?

In all of what we have today there is perhaps no substantial or powerful body of work left of the original teachings of those messengers of God that can do the real job of enlightening and unifying humanity. This is evident from our current state of affairs. So maybe it is time for us to decry everything in between and go back to source for what is truly enlightening and unifying, before our presently destructive and tumultuous society brings on Armageddon.

My paper on this topic attempts to explain how Cosmic Consciousness or The Holy Spirit of God is now working in the world in what will be explained as its 3rd progressive format, that is very much in sync with the current time cycle or ‘Yuga’ on Earth. As has always been, consciousness guided metaphysics lies at the core of how spiritual teachings are delivered, so that they are in line with the state of many consciousnesses on the planet that can perceive them. All that is required for mankind, is to understand human metaphysics first, through its own vibrational embodiment of sacred geometries of light, sound and matter, that often appear as symbols, since the aggregate of those experiences is its closest reality. What follows from the understanding, is a reconnect with the corresponding vibrational range of cosmic consciousness that returns what is best suited for the current time and consciousnesses on the planet. What is received is nothing vague; but an exact match of a solution for what is currently dysfunctional, divisive and destructive, things already known to a clear mind, and felt by a compassionate heart.

Will we choose to examine, experiment with, and thereby activate the personal metaphysics that helps cosmic consciousness work directly through each one of us? The teachings we each receive are the same, and therefore unifying in nature. Or are we still going to be fearful of dabbling in the unknown, and consequently fall back on the old teachings of the Dark Ages that have shown no promise and that have no place in ‘The Age of Aquarius’? This paper will further explain that what is being spoken of is not mere theory or postulate, rather, it is a global movement that is under way in a few pockets around the globe, and it effects of harmonizing and unifying the peoples are being experienced. It does not work through the energy of externally forced principles or doctrines, but instead, is a free flowing expression of internal harmonic human metaphysics best suited for our current time and age.


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2 Responses to World Religions – Enter The Metaphysics

  1. Kevika says:

    There are so many paths but none has helped me tune into what the Lord is saying. Each one has their own philosophy, their own methodology but not one has a foolproof method of tuning in and listening. I sound sceptical I know but somehow I have lost faith in “faith” especially after meeting spiritual gurus who were nothing more than ordinary mortals with a grand facade. Now I see it as all man made – even God as we know Him through religion is man made concept. There is total disconnect between me and the so called “God”. I have started believing in my ownself now coz that’s all I know exists and have seen / known to some extent – I haven’t “seen” God so unless I experience Him myself, going to all healers babas fakirs preachers etc etc is all just a waste of my time. Establishing a direct connection will be more fruitful I think. Did your talk cover any of this?

    • Dear Kevika, Yes my talk covered the path to experiencing God through activating human metaphysics and higher dimensional consciousness. Unfortunately, even my co-speakers could not understand or appreciate what I delivered, because they were too lost in their religions and faiths and beliefs. So I can understand your plight – even the teachers are so lost. They speak of unity, but teach diversity and that’s where it all crumbles down.

      Just one dean of a South Indian University cheered my talk and invited me to teach at his University as soon as I stepped off the podium… therefore there is hope.

      No man has ever seen God, though God is Everywhere! So, are men so blind that they cannot anything? If you can get out of the queue – of seeing ‘Him’, it will really help, because God is not a Him or a Her. Yes, there are Lords and Great Lords of The Cosmos too, who can be met, as people have met. Even they never really said they know or met ‘Him’.

      Believing in your own experience is right. Now all that is left to do is to keep deepening your own understandings of existence – the meeting with God will happen on the way. If you can find a way to come to my Spiritual Alchemy workshop, it will help a lot with this Kevika. Blessings.

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