Science & Spirituality

Science or Spirituality, Science vs Spirituality, Science of Spirituality and Spirituality in Science are all perceptions of the ever-evolving human being. The unchanged truth is that Science and Spirituality are two polar views of the singular thing called Existence, which  is nothing but God Manifest in all ways.

Science is the masculine aspect (Shiva), a finer vibration of thought, and Spirituality is the feminine aspect (Shakti), a denser vibration of being. These energies exist at the megacosmic, marcocosmic and microcosmic dimensions of existence.

All human beings have within themselves the masculine energy as well as the feminine energy also known as The Holy Merkaba or Yang and Yin, which are easier to perceive at the macrocosmic level of the human senses. A human being uses its dominant energy most of the time to perceive existence and act scientific or spiritual as the case may be.

So where do these energies exist and how do they operate?

They exist firstly, in the left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the brain as the masculine and feminine aspect respectively, and secondly, across the energy centers of the human body called chakras with its finest vibration in the crown chakra and dropping in frequency to the densest vibration in the root chakra.

To first understand how the energies of the left and right hemispheres of the brain work and what is their resultant affect in a human being’s life, please watch this TED Talk by Neuroscientist Jill Taylor Bolt of her own experience of left and right brain function when she experience a brain stroke

After watching the video, contemplate on your understanding of what happened and kindly share your views in comments below on this page if you like. Thank You!

In the next page I have explained about the masculine and feminine energy function from the root to the crown.