Science & Spirituality

Science or Spirituality, Science vs Spirituality, Science of Spirituality and Spirituality in Science are all transient perceptions of the ever-evolving human mind. The unchanging truth is that Science and Spirituality are two complimentary views of a singular thing called Existence, which was, and still is, being manifested by God.

Science is the masculine aspect (Shiva), a finer vibration of thought, and Spirituality is the feminine aspect (Shakti), a denser vibration of being, of God’s creation. These energies exist at the megacosmic, marcocosmic and microcosmic dimensions of existence.

All human beings have within themselves the masculine Shiva energy as well as the feminine Shakti energy (The Holy Merkaba / Yang and Yin), which are easier to perceive at the macrocosmic level (the human senses). A human being uses its dominant energy most of the time to perceive existence and act accordingly.

Dominance of the masculine energy has created most of the problems in the world today – because it subdued its counterpart, the feminine, for a very long time. There is now a rising of the feminine energy in the world that seeks to bring balance, and it should be welcomed. This cycle of masculine rising, followed by feminine rising has been an experiment by group consciousness on this planet. The previous experiment of going directly against each other caused the sinking of Atlantis and the island of Mu – a lesson certainly not to be repeated.

In our times, the separation between Science and Spirituality began when the scientific mind dominated its spiritual being and moved away from properly understanding each subsequent layer of existence. Now, science is understanding existence better with its own devices and reducing that separation. The direct example of this are the indigenous peoples of the earth.

They always dwelt in spirituality and understood existence and maintained their balance with nature. The scientists on the other hand, took the scientific route, destroyed the earth along the way and are now coming back to where they took off admitting that “we need to save the earth”, “consciousness directs matter” and “neutrinos travel faster than light”. The scientists are a bit late in their realization though, but many lessons have been learnt by humanity through their mistakes.

Blessed are those who balance Shiva and Shakti all the time by moving in and out of them, as need be, for they see Existence through the eyes of God. They are our teachers of Unity Consciousness. They are the ones bringing balance and peace on Earth. They are the ones creating the ‘New Earth Child’ of the ‘Divine 144 Matrix’ of the Aquarian Age.

Balancing the Shiva & Shakti energies within the self is the 1st step towards mastering Unity Consciousness inwardly. Without this balance one tends to interact in the world and co-create with a gender biased perspective. This is why we have the war of the sexes and viewpoints from ‘scientific minds’ versus ‘spiritual minds’ that never unite. Balancing these energies does not make a person neutral, rather, it brings in awareness and mastery of when to use the right energy to co-create with others.

If these energies are mastered, though carrying out their outward sensual and sexual roles, no man will ever wrong a woman and no woman will ever wrong a man, for they each see in the other, a part of themselves. This is the 1st step towards personal and inter-personal peace.

Mastering Shiva Shakti energies has another great purpose – it helps one operate ‘The Law of Creation’ skilfully. It helps in manifesting the life of one desires. ‘The Law of Attraction’ & ‘The Secret’ are only sub-parts of The Law of Creation that encompasses everything.