The Law of Creation

The ‘Law of Attraction’ taught in the book or the movie ‘The Secret’ was a wonderful education on how things can be made manifest throught the power of intention and focus. Though it worked for many to varying degrees, it also failed for many. Now why did this happen? Was it because the initial teachers of the law of attraction missed something? Which became evident when they came out with the 2nd book The Power, to back up ‘The Secret’, with further detail?

The truth is, even that added, does not completely disclose how to operate the Law of Attraction that actually has 7 clear steps for a fully conscious human being. Here is an insight – It uses the energy of the 7 chakras. Furthermore, this 7-step process is actually the ‘Law of Creation’ for our present levels of consciousness and embodiment.

For a highly conscious human being this process of creation has 9 steps. For our next Avataric stage, it has 12 steps. For The Ascended Masters it has 16 steps, and for The Holy Kumaras it has 25 steps. Every increase in the number of steps, brings refinement, clarity and power to create… miracles as known by us.

This is why, when adept human beings understand it completely and use it skillfully, they operate as the divine will in action. It is said that we are divine… this is because we have the necessary tools, as well as the potential of creating as per God’s ‘Law of Creation’.

The Law of Karma is indeed an integral part of The Law of Creation. There can be Karma accumulated even by highly conscious beings like our Ascended Masters, and yet, its resolution only happens through higher and higher spiritual progress, till finally, one dissolves completely into the light and is no more and individual expression of God.

How many human beings on this planet clearly understand what God is? Most are still arguing over who and where God is. How many human beings understand how God manifests creation? How many understand and operate sacred geometry, sacred light and sacred sound skillfully? Very few indeed, isn’t it? These are all divine tools of creation.

But when we do work this 7-step process, even at our present levels of consciousness, The Law of Creation works every time! If you would appreciate further insight on this, do attend my ‘Spiritual Alchemy Workshop‘. It will help you fine tune your practice of co-creating with ‘All there Is’ / ‘God’.



2 Responses to The Law of Creation

  1. Peggy Zetler says:

    Kinesthetic learners also have a different approach to expanding, so much of the mental and emotional practices are flat. If they spontaneously move or practice while say gardening alone, this helps. I have also found in all the emerging and cleverly adapted courses out there promoting the law of attraction, that they do not flow if you tap ‘the kingdom within’ discovering that your path is say, mystic. Choose something more specific they reply; like romance with your partner or more income. Some of us can think about these tangible things because we too are here in this transitioning dimension but to feel them is not possible. When we feel deeply, even when focusing on a specific or even with just one gratitude breath, we zip immediately to effervescent union where there is no thought or feeling of 3D detail. The only intention ever felt is love. This is true even when you need many material things or relationships just to maintain modern survival demands or have big ideas about creating something holistic and beneficial through mastery of a passion. In other words, focus is impossible in this wonderful space, focus is not even an option nor would you want it to be. I am delighted in this space and more and more my daily moments are lit and flow magically. It’s the impressions of others that then bring you interesting opportunities to accept their worry at their level, beam them their own light back at them, and let them express from wherever they are. It no longer effects me as I have become the observer. All I really want to do to help anyone anymore is hug and be present if they ask for help. In the mean time all I do is be me. Yes, this evolved happy me really stresses others but to dim down and go back to struggle just to be accepted is no longer an option nor would I choose to. Each needs to feel their own movement and bliss in whatever way enlivens them and brings them joy.

    • Yes Peggy, I get what you are saying. Kinesthetic learners work more with the Shakti energy within themselves, which is more about embodying their feelings and going more with what is, so everything naturally flows without much thought when in the midst of activity. But here the potential outcomes are limited by the situation and people or things involved. But as you say, it is a space of contentment and I know it is a wonderful state of being.

      People working more with ideas, thoughts, plans, ‘The Law of Attraction’, to create things that may not have been here before, work more with the Shiva energy within themselves. I have been teaching this topic in depth over the last 2 years, and it is my philosophy that human beings should be skillful in using both energies as and when required. Of course, it is not something easliy done, as every person gravitates to the energy they favor more. From a Shakti persperctive one will say that ‘All is well the way it is’, but from a Shiva perspective one will say ‘Something new and better must emerge, for we can’t live so hopelessly forever”. In the ongoing rapid changes in systems and works in all walks of life, Shiva energy is causing the emergence and Shakti energy is embodying the newly emerged. A balance or an alternatng flow is what evolution is all about.

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