I AM Presence

I AM Presence

Thou Art the Light & Love of God… Manifest!

How far-fetched does this sound? Only as far as you are, from the truth of it.

This is a representation of the energetic & astral construct of every human being. It is understood to the degree of a person’s awareness, of The Holy Spirit of God within. Surprised again? that The Holy Spirit of God could be within you? Yes, that’s just You… the one cloaked in so many veils, that reality itself seems unreal.

Most people just see themselves as the lowest person in the picture above, a physical being in a physical world being influenced and so reacting and expressing themselves in the ordinary physical reality. But now is a special time on our planet (the ascending age of Dwapara Yug) that brings a higher intensity of cosmic light to all. It is causing the activation of spirit molecules (one’s lightbody), and physical DNA in an increasing number of people, who are now getting a feel of a higher aspect of themselves called the ‘Higher Self’. It is a consciousness that is much wiser, much lighter, more loving, more empowered, and a much higher degree of every human value.

A few have begun experiencing something even more – the Higher Self of The Higher Self, known in esoteric terms as the Monad or Angelic Self. It is a level of divine vibration and energetic being that holds great wisdom and an expansive view of everything. These people are holy, for a very high degree of divine light and consciousness streams through the physicality of their being from its higher lifestreams. Unfortunately, it is just their physicality that is seen by most. Only the inner eye sees more.

Frank introspection shows that each one of us is at a different stage of evolution in consciousness, perhaps only understanding, appreciating and dabbling in the level that we are at. Where you are now in consciousness, depends of your stage of evolution and life-mastery. If your life has misery, strife and struggle, it shows that much is still to be learned and lived. The ones who have evolved enough, are content, balanced, loving, creative and even helpful… even in today’s world, where struggle, aggression and violence are commonplace. Being in isolation and in peace in the forest is not Life-Mastery, it is Escapism. This world now needs Aquarian Avatars right in the middle of where it is all happening!

So how do such varying degrees of evolution happen for people? And why do some progress continuously, whereas others get stuck? Well, it can be a combination of many things. To start with, one’s soul family origin and their age in the grand cosmos, their experiences over lifetimes, the way energy and consciousness moves in their physical body – which is also dependent on how clean their lives have been in terms of thoughts, words, deeds, their daily environment, the kind of food they eat, the kind of work do and the time they spend exploring their multi-dimensional selves to understand its true form, function and expression.

Are you wondering about where you are in your own evolution? Doesn’t it always seem that you’re at a Zenith? This is a normal human feeling, for if it were not, many would have felt unsuccessful & depressed along the journey of life. But one must strive to see what is beyond, for only those who seek, will find. Who you see now and interact with, depends of the level of your vibration. If you do not increase your vibration, you may never meet higher beings where you go. They may be there, but you won’t see them. They are upto much good now, so finding them will help you do good too.

There are different degrees of embodiment of the Holy Spirit of God, and some are so low that in comparison they can be called dark or even evil. This may be hard to understand for those who have not realized that ALL of creation is God’s. God gives space and opportunity for participation to ALL. Look at the reality you are living in. It is proof enough.

This writing is in support to the Ascension of Earth. It is about your ascension, from the 3rd dimension of consciousness, to the 5th, or from the 5th to the 7th, or from the 7th to the 9th, or from the 9th to the 12th. It depends on where you’re at. Respect yourself enough to listen to your own intuition daily. Make time for meditation or contemplation and see the truth of where you are now. See its effect on everything & everyone else. Envision where you would like to be, if where you are now is not a good place. Respect where others are. See the different roles each is playing as the part they came to play for the whole. See that you are being served by everyone and every part in many ways. It is the Mind, Body & Spirit of God you are dealing with that is manifest in All Things. Nothing Else Exists! Show Respect, Love & Gratitude to All.

The faint circles in the central column of the picture above, are the energy centers of the human being called ‘Chakras’. Some of them operate in the physicality of your being and the ones with higher frequencies operate in your Higher Self and Monad. In the present phase of Ascension, God assists you in bringing through / activating the higher chakras within your conscious physical self. This is not something unique. It is just how it has always been on this planet and many others. In the ascending as well as descending ages, the human body changes in size and density to accommodate all of this. Ascending Ages can be a lot of fun! if you are aware of what is going on. So working towards higher awareness all the time is always good… you won’t miss a thing!

Your Higher Self is also known as your ‘I AM Presence’ is your truest connect to Higher Consciousness and to God. You may love your physical gurus, for they have given you so much. Yet, the only good work they do is connect you to your ‘I AM Presence’ that does the rest of the work for you.

Ascension is not about going up. It is about allowing higher vibrations & Christed Consciousness to flow down from your higher life-streams into your conscious self and living that consciousness which is a balance of service to self and all others. There is a New Earth in the making now, one of higher & wonderful vibrations and you could choose to play an important part in it.

Thank You for reading this writing. It has transmissions of consciousness that are with you now. For deeper understandings, please visit www.fromthealphatotheomega.com, or come to one of my spiritual alchemy workshops www.fromthealphatotheomega.com/alchemy

Much Love & Many Blessings!

Darryl D’Souza