Destiny and Free Will

Destiny is the energy imprint a soul carries as it comes from the beyond, into the physical realm through birth. This energy imprint is also called a soul’s blueprint, and it is the accumulation of the karma of all past lives, the agreement the soul has made with its higher angelic self and also other angelic selves and souls that it has associated with in the past. Second, comes the influence of heavenly bodies like the moon, sun, stars, and the time and place of birth, that imprint some of their energies onto the soul’s energy as it makes its journey into life.

This is why astrologers are able to meaningfully speak about the most probable destiny of a person using astrological birth charts. It is true that a soul chooses to execute its life purpose in a certain space and time and that it also what astrology reads. More about the soul’s journey into life, at

In life, various influences act on a person, and a person’s actions may to a great extent be a resultant of various conditionings from parents, teachers, enemies, society, opinions of other people, bad experiences in life, textbook knowledge and other factors too. These influences build up what is known as the ‘subconscious mind’ that is always acting in the background. The subconscious mind is a conditioned mind that also makes its mark on the destiny of the soul.

‘Free Will’ is the action of the conscious mind, that sets aside conditioning of the past, weighs action and its effect in the now, so that a person can act in the present, to influence a desired outcome. The inputs to the conscious mind, come not only from the logical mind (left hemisphere of the brain), but also from the intuitive mind (right hemisphere of the brain) and from feelings from our different energy centers. If you are processing real time information from the 3 sources and acting upon it, you have free will in operation. If you are operating from the past conditionings, feelings and memories, you have let destiny play its hand. For a deep understanding of energy centers in the human body, read the chapter ‘Metaphysics of The Human Body’ in the e-book at

Free Will

What finally happens for a person may not always be what a person planned for or desired the most, because the free willed or conditioned actions of others also play a part in what transpires. This is called Co-Creation. Nothing in life happens without co-creation… not birth, not living and not even death.

A person will be successful in life, if they listen to their truest and deepest purpose in life, that only comes from their higher self (also referred to as ‘that deep voice within’). As a person begins to put their time and energy into such deep desires, things begin to manifest. If one keeps an eye out for opportunities that are being presented by the universe and its co-creators, they have the chance to manifest their desires even quicker. Intending that the outcome is good for oneself and others too, is always the best way choice, for if one gets into the loop of creating benefits for themselves at the expense of others, negative karmic cycles get created, thereby trapping the person in karmic debt that will have to be paid up one fine day or lifetime.

Acting from free will requires a lot of mastery in life. It requires that a person understands that all else besides the self, are only influences that impose their own weightages. It is the art of a soul to become ‘the heavyweight’ in its own destiny and to be in the driver’s seat to whatever existing path or spontaneously created path it makes.

Never be conditioned by your mind that your destiny is limited to something, because it never is. You are a free and powerful being who can make your own destiny, if you keep on dissolving your subconscious mind and live more in the now, thereby enhancing the usage of your own conscious free will.

Carl Jung

Every human being has been given free will by God through the gift of Unconditional Love. Earth is a dense and high-speed learning platform in the cosmic zones of free will, where conscious beings like us chose to incarnate, so that we could experience dualities like destiny or free will, for our own evolution.

It is only the conditioning of many to believe that other influences lock them down to a particular destiny. It is also true that many people have come into this lifetime with heavy karmic burdens of the past, and so, they may need to do a lot of clearing before their free will is able to operate to a good degree.

You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can always choose how to react to it. This is the 1st step in changing your destiny and mastering free will.

I was once visited by an angelic being who spoke about my past life and told me that I had done much beyond my blueprint during my last life. It even gave the exact %. So I asked “What % am I executing now in this life?” and it replied, “I will not influence your perceptions in any way. You are doing very well now, and in the driver’s seat once again. We can’t see clearly much further down your road than even you. Only you will see further as you create with every moment of your life.”

Influence of the Stars on Free Will

Astrology explains the effect of cosmic energies on our destiny, but are all of us made of the same stuff? There are Saatvic, Rajasic and Tamasic people, who have very different levels of energy within themselves.

Saatvic people have high vibrational will power, which is stronger than the astral energy of the stars reaching their aura. They mostly have clear direction in life and make their own destiny. They hardly ever ask for directions or predictions.

Rajasic people have medium vibrational will power, so they sometimes go with their own will and at other times, give into the situation and other influences.

Tamasic people have low vibrational will power. Most of the time, the world dictates what they should do. The force of the stars becomes too great on their auras and they always succumb to their -ve and +ve cycles, thereby being ruled by them all the time.

People with great will power have very low effect of the stars on them. The life force they exude is so much more than the energy of the stars that reach their auras. Such people toss astrological predictions to the wind and make their own destiny.

Lawrence of Arabia

Astrology, or for that matter even Gemstones, are very useful aides for those who really need them, a moderate indulgence for those who can get by without them half of the time and quite irrelevant for those who are in the driver’s seat of their own destiny.

When a person evolves in consciousness, they transcend from Tamasic to Rajasic and then to Saatvic energy, finally becoming powerful creators of their own destiny. A Saatvic person experiences great synergy and flow in life, because their energy and free will has much alignment with the grand plan of God.

To understand the Astral Body and Etheric Body, read the chapter ‘Metaphysics of The Human Body’ in the e-book at



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