Guru… No Guru… or I AM THAT

Guru is one who facilitates the spiritual light within another, so that the other is able to better understand God and God’s creations.

To help mankind transcend the dark ages (Kal Yug), God sent a 1st wave of consciousness in the form of the Avtaars who did their work starting a few thousand years back and ending some time after the death of Jesus Christ. Recent exceptions like Shirdi Wale Sai Baba are there. The last 2000 years of spiritual progress has mostly been guided by God’s 2nd wave of consciousness in the form of thousands of Gurus who have come and gone, and still many who actively do their work with the masses today.

God’s 3rd wave of consciousness is already here, but not many understand it. Its descent amongst Humanity was enabled in 1989 on the completion of the Christ Consciousness grid around Earth by Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. Christ Consciousness is not about Jesus Christ in particular (though he embodied it and shared it with many), but it is the present level of God’s light that is here to help evolve all of Humanity. It is now amongst a few million on this planet, and through it, they have found their ‘Inner Guru’ or what is known as the ‘I AM Presence’.

It is a fact that many so called “Gurus” on the planet today have not been touched by this Christed Consciousness and you will know them through their words “My Tradition” and “My People” and “My Way” and “Acknowledge me as your path to God”. They seek to divide people for their own purposes, because they have not understood that the Oneness of the Christed Consciousness seeks to awaken the ‘Inner Guru’ in every human being into Unity Consciousness.

The 2nd wave of consciousness is not wrong, and it never was. It was a wondrous spiritual light that served this planet for the last 2000 years. It has served its purpose for Humanity’s lower intellect during its time period. But now, we have to move on, just as Mother Earth and Father Sky are raising their vibrations in line with larger cosmic cycles, and they will not wait for anyone who chooses to stay behind clinging on to the old that is phasing out now. The ascending energy of Dwapara Yug is calling out to us.

I am thankful to some of the masters of the 2nd wave, for they helped raise my own consciousness during my spiritual journey and they helped me remember who I really am. But as Kal Yug has come to an end, I urge all to put a greater emphasis on connecting with the Christed Light of their own ‘Higher Self’ because it is the fastest way to personal evolution now. So many of our present 2nd wave ‘Gurus’ are not even able to connect with this level of Christed Consciousness, and they remain stuck with their old ways.

Helping people to go within and strengthen the connection with their Higher Self, is the right kind of work to do now, because it is the fastest path to awakening and there is no drama. Also because, it is time for all of us to give our spiritual best to ‘New Earth’ that is rapidly taking shape now. The work of creating Heaven on Earth has begun. Gone are the days where spirituality was practiced in the confines of one’s meditation room and amongst a set of few chosen friends. The world needs your spirituality in practice now, so come to the front lines and do your service for Humanity if you are ready.

By 2030 most of humanity will be awakened and the word “Guru” at that time, will only mean the inner light that guides us. Its life stream comes from God itself, so Guru will also mean the one that guides us All. Below is a picture of the Higher Self and it’s Higher Self called ‘The Monad’. If you truly seek to understand it more, you will begin to find the answers.

Om Namah Shiva

I AM that I AM


The Yugas of The Sons of God

The Yugas



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  1. Christabel says:

    Great blog! Very well written

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