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Interview in Business World Magazine, Apr’18 by Nina Kler

India Needs A Renaissance In The Field Of Medicine

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization, as well as other related organisations. This year the theme is: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.

UHC means that all individuals and communities receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship. It includes the full spectrum of essential, quality health services, from health promotion to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care.

Today, at least half of the world’s population still do not have full coverage of essential health services. Over 80 crore people (almost 12 percent of the world’s population) spend at least 10 percent of their household budgets to pay for health care. India has a long way to go.

To mark this day, Darryl D’Souza, a Pioneer in Integrative Mind, Body & Spirit Medicine shared his views on health, healthcare and his recommendations for a healthier life with BW Businessworld. 

What is health according to you, keeping in mind the mind body soul connect?

Much earlier, life was integrated because society was integrated thanks to ancient cultural time-tested practices. Modern ideas have caused a separation where different groups of people choose to excel in specific areas of their preference like the physical dimension that gives a lot of importance to the body and its looks, or the mind and its endeavor of smartness and intellectualism or the spirit and its other worldly aspirations of moksha, bliss, and enlightenment. This has resulted in an unbalanced development of the individual. It has also caused the subscribers of each of these philosophies to glorify their area of excellence and put down the other areas with derogatory labels such as materialistic, egoistic and light headedness.

The way of making people holistic and healthy is to design our homes, education systems, work spaces, social events and our arts & cultural events with energies that have a balance of body, mind & spirit. There are very few individuals and institutions across the globe who are doing such work and this needs to go mainstream for all in society to benefit. My work in integrative mind, body & spirit medicine since 2005 is one such endeavor that has connected doctors, healers, therapists, counselors, healthcare providers and the common man. They all speak a common language now and have a very balanced, cohesive and supportive outlook towards healing the human body of sickness. Now I am part of a global organisation whose mission is integrative human development and we are indeed fortunate that it is founded in India.

A high-quality human being is a self-empowered being who has the skills to handle the hurdles of modern life. It is a being free from illness, free from negative attitudes, and one who creates value wherever they go. They become an asset to their families, their societies, and their nation. A high-quality human being is a being who brings optimism and cheer along with them, and while doing this, they do not cause any damage to others or to the environment. This was the essence of my speech at the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality in 2012.

What are your views on access to universal access to quality healthcare in India today?

In India, people in metro cities believe that they have access to ‘quality healthcare’ and they measure the quality by looking at how highly placed and priced a doctor is, how clean and ordered a hospital is, how long a medical prescription is, and how long the list of recommended diagnostics are. Costly is equated with quality.

Are individuals or healthcare institutions keeping an emphasis on how fast recovery from sickness actually is? And has that recovery been achieved in one area of the body by compromising another? Why is surgical removal of an organ seen as something lofty as compared to a natural cure that takes longer, but does not deprive a human being of a part of their body? In a country like India that has such ancient health traditions like ayurveda, yoga, and acupressure, why has reactive healthcare dominated preventive healthcare?

India needs a renaissance in the field of medicine and I know it will be possible thanks to the ongoing endeavors and passion of thousands of healers, therapists, naturopaths, yoga acharyas, counselors and advocates of holistic medicine in the country. India can show the way to the world once again in the field of medicine, if our institutional heads and heads of government take a holistic and inclusive approach to the subject.

What are your recommendations for better access of healthcare?

Metro cities in India are already overcrowded with commercial and disintegrated medicine setups. The setting up of smaller integrative mind, body & spirit medicine centers is a simpler task and can be done all over the country. That is how people will have regular and local access to healthcare.

In 2016, I sent an official proposal to Goa Tourism Development Corporation of promoting Goa as a tourist destination for wellness. It was innovative enough to generate income for the local people through space rentals, employment for local youth, natural landscaping of the premises to facilitate healing, organic food production and consumption, cleaning up of the air, water and garbage, and it proposed of local parks for exercise, recreation, and sport. Unfortunately, GTDC has not yet acted upon it, but such similar win-win models can be implemented everywhere in India.

Acquiring integrative mind, body & spirit medicine skills is not a herculean task at all. It was what I did in 2003-05 to save my own life, after the best of modern medicine could not help me over 14 years of progressive sickness.

What are your recommendations for better health?

Have a healthy diet.

Get at least 1/2 hr of direct sunlight every day.

Walk or stand on bare earth for half an hour a day.

Have 1 hour of physical activity every day.

Beat stress through meditation, by spending time with nature, being with children, watching fun movies and expressing yourself through art and culture. Be a social person and interact with people in fields of your interest.

Interview in The Herald newspaper, Nov’16


Darryl D’Souza’s interview on ‘Curing Illness with Integrated Natural Therapy’ by Sara Jane on Gift of Healing TV, Sep’16

Towards Planetary and Human Health: The Work of Darryl D’Souza

By writer Burl Benson Hall, publisher to OpEd News and the host of BlogTalkRadio show ‘Envision This’.

The past several centuries has provided major scientific, spiritual, philosophical and epistemological challenges for us human beings. It appears that we have gone hog wild in our domination of Nature, both in terms of human Nature as well as planetary. The story of human domination was indeed a marker for the beginning of what we call civilization. In a sense, the course of civilization is marked by human top-down ethos that led to a rape of Nature, the human Psyche (Soul or Mind) and women specifically.

Consider this message in relationship to the wisdom expressed in the following cartoon regarding the education of our children.


We have ultimately lost the natural wisdom of our ancestors through dogmatic, idealistic and rationalist approaches to all the major disciplines. These approaches further cultivated a strict top-down rule that spoke of God over Man who was over Woman who was over Nature. No one dared to claim; however, that Nature meaning Essence was also Yahweh, or I AM (i.e., the Universal Self).

Yet, in recent times, many Western scholars began to see the wisdom of ancient lifestyles and their belief in an intelligent Nature. One such scholar was James Lovelock, who developed the Gaia Hypothesis. This hypothesis states that Gaia (Earth) operates as a single organism. In essence, within all of us, there is a complex interaction between our cells in relationship to external plants, animals, atmosphere, land and seas that make the world habitable for the type of life we have today. We are participants in the System and NOT the Kings of it! Furthermore, it appears the System builds itself and not some externalized God or Goddess. There is literally nothing to believe in. Its simply looking at the process of what Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching, refers to as the Way. The Way is simply the Process of Nature.

Realizing this deep wisdom of Nature, holistic health practices exist as forms of healing that consider the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in relation to the environment in which he or she resides. The ultimate quest of holistic health practices is for optimal health and wellness. One can achieve optimal health — the primary goal of holistic medicine practice — by gaining proper balance in life.


Darryl D’Souza is one such holistic healer. Darryl is a vibrant and committed holistic healer from India who edits the new monthly online magazine on holistic health called CMSE (Continued Medico-Spiritual Education). CMSE helps doctors, holistic healers and the general public learn from one another about maintaining health. His magazine is an initiative of THE WORLD UNITED Doctors’ and Healers’ Association.

The World United Doctors and Healers Association (TWUDHA) was originally founded as New Age Doctors Association. It was founded in May 2007 with the launch of India’s 1st CMSE (Continued Medico-Spiritual Education) in the city of Hyderabad, India after a few brainstorming sessions among a group of enthusiastic and dedicated Holistic Health Practitioners. These practitioners came forward to create this platform. They wanted all the health professionals to learn from each other in order to create a global holistic health model. Therefore they morphed into a Doctors and Healers Association under the auspices of The World United.

Wherever you are in the journey of self-actualizing, the holistic model of practice assists you by keeping you updated regarding the diverse holistic options available in the health care division. These options range from the ancient to the new age remedies encompassing a wide gamut of therapies.

TWUDHA’s vision is to merge the wisdom of conventional healthcare, alternative healthcare and the ancient healing sciences, in order to evolve a holistic model of health that is minimally invasive, safe and economical. They envision merging the wisdom of conventional healthcare, alternative healthcare and the ancient healing sciences, in order to evolve a holistic model of health that is minimally invasive, safe and economical. They intend to become a resource of information for the multitude of safe and effective healthcare options available, and to facilitate a worldwide network of wellness centers where holistic remedies are practiced.


I applaud this vision. Healthcare clearly needs deeper reform than just a change in how we pay for it–in how medication and treatment is commodified. Healthcare needs to honor and promote the health of each person’s whole being, not just treat chronic illnesses as cash cows.

The primary principles of Holistic Medicine are to help a person towards a total well being in all domains of their lives: physicial, psychological, emotional, vocational and spiritual. They also help people cultivate appropriate attitudes for personal well-being as well as helping to change life style practices. Of course, life style changes are paramount in the practices of holistic health as is appropriate nutritional practices.

The ultimate goal is to empower people to take care of their own health by cultivating inherent healing abilities. The thrust towards this end entails developing positive relationships that can foster the cultivation of personal energy.

Darryl has also written a book on these therapies, Become Healthy or Extinct. The issue of moving humanity away from focus on illness toward holistic health is that radically important to Darryl. He believes the future of humanity depends on this shift. Therefore, the book is available as a free download on the home page of his website :!

Darryl does a monthly 1-day workshop on health titled “Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines” in different locations within India. He also does a weekend spiritual workshop called ‘The Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation’ for those who want to be part of the great evolutionary transformation that is under way on our planet. He also does a weekend spiritual workshop called ‘The Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation‘ for those who want to be part of the great evolutionary transformation that is under way on our planet.

He is not alone in his work towards spiritual transformation. Indeed, there appears to be a movement afoot within the human race to evolve and enter a new paradigm. This evolution is being written about, and is manifesting. As Anne Baring says in her Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul:

We are awakening to what I have called the Dream of the Cosmos–the dream of an enlightened humanity engaging in a new role on this planet: a role that is in harmony with the evolutionary intention of the Cosmos and is no longer driven by the quest for power, conquest and control and the appropriation of the Earth’s resources for the benefit of the few. As we begin consciously to align ourselves with the luminous ground of reality, our minds will serve the deepest longing of our heart, the deeper wisdom of the Soul.

Will this evolution truly unfold?

Who can say for certain? It will manifest if we co-create it; it won’t manifest if we continue to live, act, and work out of our current paradigm. Do you believe it can become humanity’s future? Are you helping to make it so? These are the more important questions.


Envision This
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