All energies exist in a potential state, to be made kinetic and experienced by all conscious beings. It is left to free will of a conscious being, to indulge in a particular energy for as long as it desires, to experience it fully, and then assimilate its experience.

Earth and our galaxy and even beyond, exist in a plane of duality. Our perception experiences this duality in father sky and mother earth, shiva and shakti, light energy and dark energy, +ve and –ve, masculine and feminine, love based emotions and fear based emotions, and much more. We indulge in each expression of duality to complete our experience of this plane. To know love completely, to know its value, and to know its purpose, necessitates the experience of even the absence of love, as well as the experience of love’s opposites, hate being one of them. When the lessons of hate are learnt, we can release those energies from our being forever. We do not need to hold the energies of hate in our being to operate in the energies of love or to evolve further. It is only when we forget the lessons of hate in our consciousness, that we will draw in its experience again, temporarily. Those who don’t learn the lessons of hate, hold it forever and that becomes the embodiment of their human condition.

From this, you will know that “The human assimilation of all energies and their opposites, is the ultimate in enlightened balance” is a wrong guidance, because ‘assimilate energy’ means to have it dwelling within your being as a kinetic energy, thus becoming that. Assimilating the experience instead, serves as a reference of a lesson learned, which is stored only in a potential state.

Our duality stretches to two opposite extremes, which are the limits of what we can experience in human embodiment, and yet, it is just a small range somewhere in between the entire spectrum of God. There are places in the universe where duality does not exist, where there is only light and also places where there is only darkness. In those places, only certain types of experiences are possible. Earth is a very dense and high-speed learning platform for conscious beings thanks to duality.

We all contracted to come to Earth because we wanted to learn some amazing lessons in duality, in a very short time. It turns out that this reality has become too hot for some to handle, the earth experience being really something… a whole lot of Maya! So these people want a way out before learning the lessons they came here to learn. They want to renounce this material plane just because of all its hardships (tough lessons) and return to God / Source. You will find these people all over the place, renouncing what they call ‘worldly life’. This way back, was left open by Source out of Compassion and Love, because it was Source that sent us out here, out of its own self and as expressions of itself, and as a means of experiencing its own creation. What we got out of this deal was individual consciousness and autonomy. But even in this setup, we still remain connected to source by threads we don’t perceive, therefore still enjoying complete freedom.

States of material world renunciation to dwell in spirit are only meant to better understand the spiritual world, so that lessons learnt in spiritual planes, can be taught back in the material world. Those who use these states to escape the ‘earth game’ they came to play, are not ‘Enlightened’ ones. This is also not what the ‘Ascension’ is about. Complete states of enlightenment for our dimensions of existence are held by beings who have no needs of their own relating to these dimensions. They are here purely in the service of Mankind and Source, bound only by the magnetism of Unconditional Love. They exist in our etheric planes above, as the Great White Brotherhood, and also in embodiemnt on earth, as The Living Masters.

Few completely enlightened beings, like our Avtaars, walked this earth during the times of our civilizations. One of our Avtaars who was considered ‘Enlightened’ during his lifetime, was Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, when he lived in Egypt as Osiris. Trismegistus meaning ‘Three Times Great’, truly meaning, ‘Master of the Megacosmic, Macrocosmic and Microcosmic planes of our dimension of Existence’. Many of our Dear Ascended Masters, were still only on the path of complete enlightenment when they ascended.

Enlightened beings are aware of the effects of their thoughts, words and deeds on our Megacosmic, Macrocosmic and Microcosmic planes. For a human being, Macrocosmic is the plane of the conscious & subconscious self, the aspect of the 5 senses. Microcosmic, is the level of human DNA and cellular activity. Megacosmic is the aspect of the 5 elements around us and the body of Gaia. Higher beings have their own 3 planes. As Below, So Above, And Above. The thoughts, words and deeds of an enlightened being are completely in service to all beings who inhabit these planes.

Many present day ‘Gurus’, who think they are completely enlightened, do not know even this much. Some of them teach that Enlightenment can only be achieved after the complete dissolution of the ‘I’, ego. Understand that they speak of the ego in this manner because they have not yet understood its purpose in the grand plan of God. Yet, they are still surely on the path of complete enlightenment and in service to Humanity, and thus, so loved by the Heavenly Hierarchy.

An enlightened master, to himself, will never admit that he is enlightened, for he knows the higher plane towards which his consciousness aspires. He knows what is beyond him, waiting for his consciousness to grasp. He knows that he is forever a student in class, where the teacher is God.

A disciple of a master on the other hand, has a right to call the master ‘Enlightened’, for the master is beyond the contemplation of the disciple’s consciousness. For the disciple, the master’s every thought, word and deed are in perfect alignment to everything else there is, and this gives the disciple the sacred right to call the master Enlightened.




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