What is Love?

This is a question that I’ve asked so many people, and certainly every person who attended my Spiritual Alchemy workshop. I would like to invite you as well, to answer this question by commenting below.

Well, every single person has an answer to this question, which comes from their experiences, understandings and level of awareness. Some of the answers are beautiful, some wonderful and some, just amazing!

Still, after I cover the topic of Love, at the Spiritual Alchemy workshop, there hasn’t a single person who did not say “Yes, what you’ve said about love is so true, and truer than all the things I ever imagined love to be”.

Light is the carrier wave Love rides.

This is my riddle on Love… and if you’ve figured it out, you are so much closer to understanding the complete dimension of Love.

Be in Love with All There Is, and you will Be One… this is the field of Unity Consciousness… The Divine Matrix.

The 144 Qualities of Love

Acceptance                        Alchemy                 Activity                       Adoration

Allowance                          Anticipation          Authority                    Bonding

Balance                               Beauty                   Blessedness                Boldness

Boundless                          Bravery                  Calmness                    Caring

Centeredness                    Charity                   Chivalry                      Commitment

Compassion                      Confidence            Consciousness      Consideration

Constructiveness             Cooperation          Conviction                  Courage

Creativity                          Dedication             Desire                        Determination

Devotion                         Dignity                   Diligence                    Diplomacy

Discipline                         Omnipotence         Elegance                    Empathy

Empowerment                Enlightenment      Enthusiasm               Excitement

Exemplification              Expansion               Faith                          Fearlessness

Fulfillment                      Force                        Forgiveness              Freedom

Generosity                       Gentleness              Giving                        Grace

Gratitude                         Guidance                 Happiness                Harmlessness

Harmony                         Healing                    Helpfulness              Honesty

Honour                          Hope                        Humility                   Humour

Illumination                   Immortality             Innocence                Inspiration

Integrity                          Intelligence              Intuitive                   Joy

Justice                             Kindness                   Knowingness          Leadership

Liberty                             Serendipity               Listening                 Love

Loyalty                             Magnetism               Manifestation    Mastery

Silence                             Metamorphosis        Mercy                      Motivation

Nurturing                       Obedience               Observing              Omnipresence

Omniscience                  Openness                   Opulence                Patience

Passion                            Peace                          Perfection              Persistence

Poise                                Transfiguration        Power                   Praise

Protection                       Purity                       Purpose                 Radiance

Receptivity                     Reflection                  Resonance            Respect

Responsibility                Resourcefulness      Reverence             Revealment

Sacredness                      Serenity                    Service                   Sincerity

Sovereignty                     Stability                    Stillness                 Strength

Surrender                        Support                    Temperance          Tolerance

Transcendence               Transformation      Transmutation     Trust

Truth                                Unity                         Upliftment            Victory

Vision                               Will                           Wisdom              Worthiness

Bold words are the qualities of the “12 Attributes of Divine Love”

Source: Radiant Rose Academy Inc.



2 Responses to Love

  1. Augustine Fernandes says:

    Just as sound consists of vibration which helps in tuning our bodies to the wave length of correct frequency depending on our life style or way of life that gets us tuned to the holy one in a way that we may either allow his grace to flow in us or get blocked and fall sick. We all experience vibration but it differs from person to person. Some attend peace and some destruction. Love for me is a way of life by which I can tune and match my frequency wave length as close as possible to the holy one to attain total peace and tranquility.

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