When you begin to have a growing awareness that you are a free individual spirit, and yet you feel connected to everything else around you, be it other people, animals, plants, birds, the elements, or the earth, you begin to understand that your every action affects everything and everyone else around you.

You know that this happens because everything around you also has its own life force, and you are indeed all connected by invisible strands of energy. In this connecting web of energy, when you do good, it benefits all. When you do bad, it hurts all.

You begin to see that all life on earth is symbiotic, where a mutual give and take happens at every step, without which, living is not possible. You eat food and live, because plants or animals give up their life force to you. You see the elements of earth, water, fire, air & space doing their part as well. You see the Flow of Life.

You introspect and begin to see there is something connecting everything and you feel this could be as per the design of a ‘Great Spirit’, and you wonder if this spirit is ‘God’. This is Spiritual Awareness.

Being Spiritual is also your own personal journey where you develop your conduct in thoughts, words and deeds, so that you become aligned with benefiting from, as well as serving all symbiotic life on Earth.

You begin to understand that Mother Earth has her own living body that stretches from the core of her belly to the heavenly skies and in this capacity she is called ‘Gaia’ who supports all forms of life.

You make a commitment to protect and sustain her, for it is in the interest of all human beings as well as all other forms of life that live upon her. Whenever you think or act within this frame of mind, you are deeply woven into the Living Matrix of Spirit, and you are living Spirituality.

Spirituality is also the art and science of going within and speaking to your own spirit, using techniques of meditation or the breath or yoga or dhyan or kriyas or silent contemplation. These techniques quieten the mind chatter of your ‘Ego’ and allow ‘Your Spirit’ to speak to you.

This helps you get in touch with your feelings that begin to express themselves in some creative way like poetry, song, dance, art, sport, or your chosen type of work, that you say is your ‘calling in life’.

You begin to feel that there is a deeper meaning to life and all that you are experiencing, and you keep an intention and an open mind to experience more and more of Existence as you go along. You hear of this being called ‘Spiritual Evolution’.

‘Existence’ is not something ordinary… it is God Manifest.

Is Spirituality the Science of ‘The Great Spirit’, which you are an indivisible part of?

Many Arms

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17 Responses to Spirituality

  1. Annu Sharma says:

    Your wisdom is deeper than the deepest I’ve come across Darryl. Thank You for being on this planet. God Bless.

  2. Zita D'Souza says:

    Dear Son, It’s wonderful to read your writings, and to know that life is so much more than what we’ve earlier thought it to be. You bring hope, learning, new frontiers and excitement into life. May the Holy Spirit of God always guide you and keep you and teach you how to serve the good of all. Love, Mom.

    • Thank you Dear Mum, I know that it was tough on you and the family as I broke out of the shackles of convention and organized religion, but I’m glad that after several years you’ve had these wonderful words to say. Thank you for your blessings. Love & Hugs, Darryl

      • Bernadette says:

        Yes ! it is hard when one breaks through barriers and want to get on their path in life againt familiar cultral belief systems and societial norms ! It takes guts and conviction and it is a heartfelt belief and journey that one goes through to get to this point ! More beautiful and gracious and wonderful you bring and take it into others lives ! In doing so lessen their pain and bring enlightenment into their lives ! Pray you keep going and is always given the strength to stay on the path of doing good for others and self . The act of selflessness is a great blessing !,

  3. hellen says:

    Thank you Darryl. I enjoyed reading your article. Yes, I do resonate with these teachings. Hellen

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Darryl, you are an amazing being. How fortunate that I found your sweet spirit and get to be immersed in the depth of all you know. May we all see that deeper marriage of shiva & shakti in ourselves…

  5. Rosa Dias says:

    I felt so peaceful and emotioned when I was reading your article… I’m happy I made your acquaintence! God Bless you!

  6. Ameya says:

    Thanks for this article. I find it to be insightful.

  7. Ameya says:

    Hi again Darryl. I happened to reach this blog post again, and I feel like this time I have understood more from it than what I did in my earlier read a few months ago. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  8. Savio says:

    Nice Darry. WE should have a conversation some day. Maybe Goa and the beautiful beaches.

  9. Darryl, I am so glad that I have found you. I get elated with your wisdom, whenever I experience my own spirit, I feel out of the world. I hope to contribute more and more to myself and the society

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